Laura Scimone...

...a designer.

Laura Scimone was born in Sicily, Italy, her passion to become a fashion designer started at a very young age. In fact, she grew up in the Family’s Bridal Dresses Business, getting exposure to the exquisite  craftsmanship of skilled artisans.

In 1994, Laura moved to Milan to study Fashion Design in one of the most exclusive Fashion College “Marangoni”, where she enhanced her skills achieving a professional level as Fashion Designer in 1998.

Her studies gave her also exposure to the entertainment business as well as attending Milan Fashion Week, where she got amazed how make-up and the power of grace, as beauty of forms and movements, are all linked to create the magic of a Fashion show. 

Inspired by this fantastic journey, Laura decided to specialise as make-up artist whilst cultivating her Belly Dance hobby.

In 2003 , she moved to London , her belly dance hobby became  a profession. Laura started to make her own belly dance costume enticing public interest in her creations.

In 2013, her dream as a designer come to life, she founded “Moonlight Design” a Luxury Belly Dance Costumes brand.  


... a belly dancer

Laura began her carreer as a dance performer when she was 19, experiencing different dance styles such as jazz, hip hop and salsa. Belly dance, however was her calling.

In 1999, she begun her study at the Oriental Belly Dance School in Milan, “Club Magica”. learning  the fascinating oriental dance culture and techniques through public and private performances and workshops.

During these years Laura had the pleasure to attend International Belly Dance Festivals training with some of the most popular Belly Dancer superstars.

Since 2003 Laura works as well as a professional belly dancer in the most popular venues and Restaurants in London. 


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... a make up artist

In 1998 ,after graduating in Fashion Design , Laura showed interested in discover the Beauty Industry as complementary to her Fashion background.

She begun her studies at the prestigious BCM College in Milan, becoming a Professional make up artist in 2000.

In 2001, Laura started her career as a make up artist after being selected as member of Make up artist Team for the 62nd Edition of a National Beauty Competition , “Miss Italy”.

Since then, she has worked in fashion, TV, beauty and body painting with Famous Artists.


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