A limited edition collection of collars entirely dedicated to our furry friends.

A gift for your pet will also become an opportunity to help a pet in difficulty.

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Moonlight Design will share the donation on socials to prove the true love we have for these animals.

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Basic pet collar with crystals


Why Moonlight Design Pet Chic?

Since I was a child pets have always been part of my life, some where a gift from my family, others rescued.

Unfortunately they don’t live forever, pictures and videos are the onlymemories we can keep with us forever.

Pets are true members of a family, they deserve love and care, adopting them is a wonderful gesture, but taking great care of them is a reald duty.

The last addition to my family is Stella, a lovely Chihuahua, the affection that she gives us every day is incredible, she inspired my creativity thinking of our wonderful pet friends, I started playing with fabrica and crystals thinking that our pets deserve a luxury accessory with a touch of glam too!

“Moonlight Design Pet Chic” a limited edition collection of collars entirely handmade dedicated to my furry friends and their welfare.

The collection is handmade, with soft fabrics for a daily comfort, each collar has a very unique design, hand-finished andembellished with of course sparkling crystals for a real touch of glam.

In these unprecedented times, Moonlight Design has decided to launch this limited edition collection to support National Animal Rescue Associations with the challenges they are experiencing due to COVID-19. A percentage of the sale generated by “Pet Chic” will be donated.

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